Patricia “Warrior Queen Of Africa”: Book One: The Beginning

By   Marnee Patricia Banks
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Patricia “Warrior Queen of Africa”: Book One: The Beginning

Patricia “Warrior Queen of Africa” is a fun, beautiful, ancient adventure in the far distant past. Inspired by the Olympians and the actresses playing Xena and her best friend Gabrielle, author Marnee Patricia Banks takes old myths and revamps them into a new, thrilling tale.

Patricia is the prophesized “Warrior Queen of Africa.” With a lineage of great Olympic goddesses and demi-gods, Patricia was molded from Heavenly Father Himself to accomplish greatness in the ancient world. With the support from her friend and sister Brianne, the strength provided to her from her earthly mother Markeeta, Amazon Queen, and the bravery and fierceness of her companion, the flying lion Simba, Patricia sets out to become what she was destined to be. Her journey is an age-old tale of good versus evil… and how good will always come out the victor in the end.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 304