Pathway To Nirvana: A How-To Book On How To Achieve Extreme Happiness

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About the Book

Pathway to Nirvana
By Nirvana

This is a book on how you can end depression and bring about a state in which you are naturally happy. Everything in this universe is working to achieve balance, and how you feel emotionally is the result of the balance your mind has achieved. By doing the techniques in this book you actively create a balance in your mind, resulting in your life becoming naturally happy. There are numerous benefits to becoming naturally happy, such as you generating positive energy and you becoming a quality person.

About the Author

For over two decades, Nirvana has experimented with different techniques to come up with the ones that are the most effective at increasing happiness. Nirvanas goal has been to push the envelope and see just how extreme the levels of happiness are of which we are capable of achieving. The techniques that bring about happiness would also have to be simple and easy to use, ones that anyone can do. Nirvana does not have a psychology or psychiatry degree, but rather he is a trailblazer coming up with the new ways to increase happiness.

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Published: 2013
Page Count: 96