Past On Treasures

By Frances C. Franciere-Freeman
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Decades worth of memories are contained within Past on Treasures as Frances C. Franciere-Freeman and her siblings reminisce about their parents and their lives growing up. Started as a way of helping Frances cope with the death of her mom and dad, she quickly realized what a treasure trove of information she has as she saw the past through the eyes of others who had known Barbara and Daniel and rather than let this history be lost to her family in the mists of time again, she decided to share what she had gleaned through simple and loving memories and classic pictures. Timeless and priceless, Past on Treasures serves as a reminder of what precious moments we all keep captured in our memory banks.

About the Author

A native of Mandan, North Dakota, Frances C. Franciere-Freeman is a single mother of one, Christie, and has resided in Arizona for the last thirty-three years, where she is a patient representative for a hospital. In her spare time she enjoys taking scenic pictures and designing note cards from calendars using a combination of those snapshots, flowers, and leaves.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 84