Passions And Tears, Volume 1

By James Russell Ward
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About the Book

This evocative memoir takes us back to the heart of Jimmy Wards childhood. He skillfully draws us a vivid picture of the life of a black child growing up in the gritty world of the urban projects. This is a world of struggle and violence, relieved only by their enduring faith. He pulls no punches in his depiction of his family, but succeeds in making them come alive for us. We weep with them at their failures and we rejoice with them at their successes.

About the Author

James Russell Ward could easily have become a petty criminal, as did so many of his contemporaries. Instead, probably because of the influence of his protective and loving mother, he struggled to escape from the world of the projects and succeeded. Today he has his associates degree in criminal justice and works for the Department of Homeland Security. A native of Philadelphia, he now lives in Dayton, Ohio. He has three children and wishes he could see more of them. His hobbies include Hatha Yoga, jogging, and chess.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 36