Passion In Life

By Kyle Berglund
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Passion in Life is about finding your calling in life, whether it’s in school, at home with family and friends, or in finding romance all around you. The author hopes readers see there is love in the forms of a best friend, a sister, a lover, and a mother; but that finding one’s passion can also be about what inspires you, that makes you, well, you. One must then understand that those around you can either refuse to believe in what you want to accomplish or they can help inspire you.

This book tells the story of Holly, a teenager, who is constantly challenged by the people around her. In high school, everyone wonders what they will make of their lives.

About the Author

Tim B. Wolfe, a recent graduate from Azusa Pacific University, has written stories most of his life and gained confidence in his writing as time went on. Now he feels like he’s ready to let the world read his stories.

Wolfe has always lived in California, specifically in San Diego, with his mom and dad, two sisters, and his dog. He can always be honest with his friends about anything and everything. He enjoys learning about the medieval ages and architecture. His hobbies include archery, watching movies, and, of course, writing whatever is stuck on his mind.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 182