Paragon Generations: The Age Of Vigor

By Mike Orozco
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About the Book

Centropolis Pigeon City is a place for heroes, but even heroes face hardships and struggle. Now this metagenite group of very special beings must face a rising villain who has a devastating plan for the planet we all call home. And despite any emotional turmoil our heroes might be going through, they’ll have to band together, get the job done, and protect those who need it most. Paragon Generations: The Age of Vigor is the third in the War-Time Paragons series.

About the Author

Mike Orozco is a simple civilian, to begin with, who enjoys fantasy and science fiction. He likes to be around people to observe them and to help him reflect on the aspects of their different personalities, and use that in developing his characters. Struggling with mental health has helped the author to bring emotion into the scenes of the characters in the stories he has created.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 178