Paradise Falls

By Max Weissman
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Meet Sarah, the eldest daughter of the new family in town. From making new friends to meeting eccentric locals, there is plenty that she will have to contend with in the small town her family calls home.

Of course, that all changes

when she and her siblings find out

what really is happening within

the borders of Paradise Falls….

About the Author

Growing up in the snowy mountains of the Little Belts in Montana, Max Weissman has always loved skiing. Working as an instructor at his local ski hill and entering competitions in Montana, he decided to write alongside online college classes. Wanting to tell this particular story for more than a decade and keeping his motivation to write this story was challenging, but it needed to be done right.

Published: 2024
Page Count: 346

Customer Reviews

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Aaron Weissman
Well, written and good pacing

This book really takes you in and is interesting immediately. Pacing and dialogue are really well written. Great book, I enjoyed it immensely.