Pains, Triumphs, And Joy: Victory In America From A Black Woman's Perspective

By Rosina Dukes
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Growing up is never easy under the best of circumstances, and even less so when you are born into a large, poverty-stricken family in Jamaica, West Indies. Although she lived an idyllic life through a childs eyes there was always food to eat, Christmas gifts, and beautiful surroundings in which to play and learn Rosina Dukess family was forced to move often, and their strict disciplinarian father frequently came down hard on the children for no apparent reason. In her inspirational story, Rosina tells how she jumped at the chance to move to America to make a new life, although it meant leaving her children behind until she was settled. She firmly believed things would be better for her family in New York City but was she right? After many years of deprivation and toil, will Rosinas American dream come true?

About the Author

Rosina Dukes, Shaggy presently resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where she enjoys singing, gardening, reading, and crafts.

Published: 2002
Page Count: 36