Pages From The Diary Of An Unknown Persecuted Man

By Dr. Apares Bhattacharyya
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Pages from the Diary of an Unknown Persecuted Man

A native of India, Dr. Apares Bhattacharyya wrote Pages from the Diary of an Unknown Persecuted Man to express his thoughts and feelings about life under the rule of the Communist Party of India (Marxist).

Dr. Bhattacharyya has first-hand knowledge of the partys ideals and what can and has gone wrong in a society where these ideals have been used to create a brutal reality. He describes the persecution and corruption caused by the communist party over the years and discusses the history and probable future of communism in West Bengal and around the world, suggesting that a better system is needed for a more peaceful world.

About the Author

Dr. Apares Bhattacharyya lives in India, where he works as a scientist. He is divorced and the father of one child.

Published: 2011
Page Count: 56