Overcoming Obstacles In Life

By Dick Gilcrist
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In this memoir of a life full of obstacles to overcome, Dick Gilcrist recounts his life from his earliest memories in Anchorage at the age of five to the present moment, now retired in the state of Washington. Though Dick faced numerous challenges throughout his life, especially in his childhood, he never gave up hope. His story is testimony to the age-old adage that the storm will pass—and only after a storm can you see a rainbow.

About the Author

Dick Gilcrist was born in Wenatchee, Washington, in 1947. He moved to Alaska in 1949 and lived in the Fairbanks area thirty years. As a union electrician, he worked on various jobs in Alaska, including the Trans-Alaska Pipeline on the North Slope.

In 1979, Dick, his wife Joan and his three children Rick, Martha and Sarah moved to Washington State, where he continued union electrician work until becoming a State Electrical Inspector and eventually a supervisor for the Bellevue Labor and Industries Office for electrical inspections. After six years as a fire commissioner for district 44 and seven more as a lead electrical, building inspector for the City of Renton, he retired in 2014.

Dick and his wife have been married for forty-five years. They have a dog and six grandsons.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 178