Overcoming Church Conflict: Confessions Of A Church Girl

By Vanessa M. Cavett
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Conflict tests your ability to endure the race, says Vanessa M. Cavett in her book Overcoming Church Conflict: Confessions of a Church Girl. The book opens by delving into the history of the Black church in the United States and explores the role of Christianity. She reveals her own history as a Christian while giving testimony of her journey with Christ. Along the way, Cavett encounters the disruptive nature of envy within the church and details dramatic power struggles with deacons, missionaries, and even knife-wielding organists. Cavett keeps readers engaged as she tells the tale of her journey to find the right church that meets her spiritual needs.

The books theme is overcoming adversity in the church, which is not where most people expect to find it. People look for love and acceptance in the church, but often find conflict. As a result, younger generations today are turning away from the church because it is not perfect and they face rejection. But Jesus said, It is impossible but that offences will come, and the church is no exception. Cavett explains that nothing in the earth realm is perfect, but encourages Christians to be fighters and overcome obstacles with the power of God. Cavett experienced church conflict and overcame it by Gods power, becoming a stronger Christian as a result. She encourages readers to understand there is a spiritual and a natural church. The first represents the body of Christ made of believers worldwide and the latter is the place believers gather to encourage each other and worship together.

Jesus established the church; therefore, believers must not let the enemy cause them to abandon it because of evil forces placed there to distract them. Believers must remember the higher call of advancing Gods kingdom on earth. And they must be obedient to His word, which instructs them to assemble together in church and work to make it a place where Jesus Christ is exalted and His power is manifest. Cavett recommends this book to all pastors and youth leaders to distribute among youth and use as part of study groups. Overcoming Church Conflict centers around millennials, but is for all Christians, young and old, and especially for those who question the churchs purpose or relevance today. The book is a relatable, witty tale of worship, fellowship, and following Gods call.

About the Author

Vanessa M. Cavett and her husband both come from large families and enjoy spending time together with their extended families. She is a proud graduate of Mississippi State University. Go Dogs! She is also a grateful graduate of Rhema Bible College in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and received an MA from Mississippi College. She has taught English in both Michigan and Mississippi and enjoys reading different genres including fiction, non-fiction, and inspirational books. Cavett enjoys writing poetry and plays, which are performed at her local church on occasions such as Christmas and Easter. She is affiliated with the Mississippi Writers Guild, loves traveling and taking adventurous trips, and exploring the beaches of Florida and the mountains of Tennessee with her husband.

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Published: 2016
Page Count: 110