Overcomers Don't Quit, Quitters Don't Overcome: Don't Quit

By Loxley John
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There will always be challenges. What matters most is the attitude you display when those challenges come. Living today is difficult, and many are finding it hard to cope to the point where suicide has become popular. People are quitting on their dreams because they feel helpless in dealing with their problems. To combat this issue, author Loxley John reminds readers that perseverance is critical if they are to be overcomers.

Are you an overcomer? Find out how you can be.

An overcomer is someone who has faced difficult situations but refused to quit and thereby overcame those difficulties. This book highlights stories of overcomers throughout history and from the Bible: people who showed perseverance and courage and ultimately achieved victory. It also offers ten rules for overcomers and breaks down the ten toughest obstacles to overcoming. With clear takeaways and examples, this book makes it easy for readers to remember key points.

About the Author

Loxley John has been a police officer since 1988, and he spent many years as an instructor at the Police Training School. He has also been involved in community-based groups, volunteering to serve on the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Committee of his credit union.

John is married to Maureen and is the father of three daughters Zonelle, Kezia, and Jada. He is interested in politics and studying the Bible. He also enjoys reading, taking strolls in the woods, and playing and listening to cricket.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 144

Customer Reviews

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Cosnel Wilson
Easy to read

The book is written in language and in a manner that make it easy to read. The writer's use of the experiences of ordinary people makes it easy for the reader to associate with the experiences of each character. The inclusion of takeaways after the chapters helps the reader to remember important points. This book is well written and anyone who is faced with a challenge should purchase a copy.