Outback Constable Jack

By Shirley Richards
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About the Book

Starting a new chapter in his life, Outback Constable Jack has a deep empathy for the locals, a commitment to justice, and a longing for companionship. His world revolves around solving crimes, helping people, and finding lost folks in Bullocky Hole. Although he feels his duties are pretty straightforward, he is constantly being asked to grow beyond these responsibilities and immerse himself in the locals’ culture.

Jack quickly finds himself a regular at the secondary school, teaching the children through his original ditties, captivating stories, and dashing personality. As Outback Constable Jack solves squabbles and finds lost loved ones (some human, some not) he begins to feel himself put down roots in Bullocky Hole. He becomes a respected member of the local community, determined to help all those in need.

After solving the problems of the locals, he begins to do some searching of his own: for a loyal dog and a good woman to keep him company.

With the stars aligned and a teacher who is brand new in town, Jack might just be able to find the woman for whom he’s always been searching...

About the Author

Retired Superintendent of Education, Shirley Richards has traveled extensively through the Outback of Australia in the Barkly Region of the Northern Territory. While there, she liaised with local police and other local agencies to deepen her understanding of the conditions, seasons, and workers in the “bush”. Richards used her studies and knowledge to craft her first novel, Outback Constable Jack. She now lives with her husband, Harlan, in Florida, while her children, grandchildren and great grandchild like in Australia. She visits as often as she can.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 224