Out On The Blacktop

By Edith Wagner Harrison
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Out on the Blacktop… loved it! Written so visual and it brought back a flood of great memories. You did a wonderful job! -Terry Jane Wolf

Out on the Blacktop… I can tell you this. I love love love your stories. Proud to know you & glad you wrote this book. -Lou Wiginton.

Out on the Blacktop… Enjoyed your book... memories of the good old times... a wonderful time to be alive. -Janis Reed

Out on the Blacktop… I just finished your book. It is delightful and took me right back to my days on the blacktop. Kids are the reason teachers teach. Your book will bring wonderful memories to all retired teachers and teachers still in the classroom. -Rita Baumer

Out on the Blacktop… I love every part of this! I’m reading it to my family as we are running errands around town. Both girls want to learn how to spit now! Thank you for including me! Fun memories of a great place to grown up! -Amy Bumpus Harlien

If you have ever been around children, you know they say some pretty hilarious things and have a large imagination. After being in education for 34 years, Edith Wagner Harrison wrote many stories and sayings that her students would say. These stories also include Terry Jane Wolf, who worked alongside Harrison and provides humor with her “real cowgirl” ways.

About the Author

Edith Wagner Harrison grew up in Lampasas, Texas. Growing up she enjoyed playing sports, friends and being a drum majorette in the high school band. After being discouraged to attend college, Harrison followed her dreams and was determined to become a Teacher. She was a P.E. Teachers’ aide with Terry Jane Wolf, but later was a Special Education Teacher the last 13 years of her career. She has a BAS and M.Ed and a passion for touching the lives of children. Harrison currently lives in Lampasas, Texas, with her husband, Jerry, and son, River B. Ware.

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