Out Of The Abyss

By C. L. Humphrey
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Out of the Abyss

Nature breathes. The sensuous experience emanating from it is immortalized through the brush of a painter, words and melody of a musician, and the profound imaginings of a poet.

C. L. Humphrey demonstrates the interplay of natures powerful influence, and the emotions and sentiments from everyday life, which are vividly described in her collection of poetry in Out of the Abyss.

In The Valley of Fires, she equates a blackened lava flow to the inability of other people to see hope in bleak moments of life, saying, Yet life is abundant if you just seek it outThe power of nature released those many years agoOf those who stop to lookDo they feel it or is it just another stop on their lost travels they call vacation.

The irresistible charm of woman tempting a man is the story told in the verses of The Huntress: Now she leads him deep into the forest As she lies about in restperhaps for the next nights hunt? Or perhaps he is the one to satisfy her forever; Either way lost is he to the HUNTRESS.

If in distress, we should be sure that when we call upon our God with a pure heart, our prayers will be heard and answered, as we will see in The Goddess: Seek out her name anew Look to the stars of the velvet night Ask out of love with a pure heart; She can be heard as a whisper in the wind.

Humphreys use of metaphor in every line of her poetry is a joy to read and to ponder about. This is a good addition to the collection of those who love nature and poetry.

About the Author

C. L. Humphrey originally came from central Kentucky, where she also spent most of her life. She has also lived in Indiana, Washington, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and now resides in Wyoming. Her passion for writing blossomed in New Mexico, which she also calls the land of enchantment.

Published: 2012
Page Count: 38