Open Your Door, Please!

By David Edsall
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Open Your Door, Please! examines the ways in which God presents His good will to us. God provides us with His love and with the tools to succeed. As author David Edsall notes, we cannot use these tools if we are not open to them. We cannot let God in, if we do not open the door to Him.

Open Your Door, Please! explores the ways in which God has guided David and presented him with opportunities and tools throughout his life. He willingly treats his own life and personal history as a case study, examining the choices we can make and the difference that can be had if we will allow God to point us in the direction of His choosing.

About the Author

David Edsall was born and raised in Richmond, Indiana. Rather than pursuing college, David became a journeyman apprentice. After six years as an apprentice, he had the skills to work anywhere, including a variety of newspapers and a prestigious typesetting house. At the age of 28, David became an owner-operator of a weekly newspaper. He branched out into different tabloids in different cities.

David knows the key to his success has been allowing God to be his guide. Many times the direction God pointed him in required some nerve-wracking decisions. Yet, David knew if God asked him to do something new, then He would see him through it.

The composing and publication of Open Your Door, Please! is just the latest in a series of meaningful jobs God has wanted him to do. It is Davids hope that the pages within Open Your Door, Please! will offer guidance to his readers.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 74