Open Letter: A Memoir

By Kitty Kaye Wilson
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This memoir is about healing. Dealing with family and their drama and trauma. It’s also about our memories and how we handle them and grow from them. The goal is to turn something negative into something positive. In this memoir, you will encounter bizarre, out-of-this-world, funny, and devastating events in my life. You will read how I learned to handle and grow from my experiences. Along the way, with some help from some supportive people, I helped myself realize these events may or may not define who I am today.

About the Author

Kitty Kaye Wilson believes there is good in all people. We all go through trials and tribulations which make us who we are today. She is the poster child of the underdog and encourages everyone to fight for what they believe in. She also believes hard work and a desire to achieve will get you anywhere you want to be. Wilson works hard to protect her loved ones and is always outspoken about doing the right thing. She lives with rheumatoid arthritis and some other serious ailments, but this doesn’t stop her from following her dreams. She believes life is marvelous and there is always a bigger picture. Wilson is always looking for new and exciting challenges. This is her first novel, and she hopes everyone will enjoy it and learn that healing comes from within.

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Published: 2024
Page Count: 154

Customer Reviews

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Kick ass

I loved this book. All the letters and the funny stories. I laughed and couldn’t put it down. Somethings made me mad and somethings made me sad but the author is a kick ass for telling her story to the world.

Great book

This was a great book. Difficult relationships we have with our families are so complicated. The book was from a place of love and frustration. The letters were excellent and very meaningful. The book was well written and I enjoyed reading it.

Kendra M
A Good Look

This book gives a good look at dysfunctional relationships and families. The author spoken from her heart on how she feels about her family and her relationship with them. It seems she has hope but is ready for anything. The overall book was touching and sincere. I really enjoyed the funny events that happened to the author and my heart goes out to the author for those rough and painful events. She is truly brave to share her story with the world.

Ashley Mason
Warm and loving

The letters that are between chapters is a work of art. Some were so heartwarming and others were from a place of frustration and hope. I really enjoyed every single word and I can’t wait for the next book. Great book and Good luck to the author. She has proven it’s possible to take something that’s negative and turn it into something positive.

Michael T
I was deeply moved

I was deeply moved by the overview of your poetry collection., Your heartfelt and evocative words offer a profound insight into the human experience, and your ability to evoke such strong emotions is truly remarkable. Good Luck on this masterpiece of writing.