Onstad Mythology: World Of Legends: Magic And Science Come Together In Ways Never Before Seen

By Tim Onstad
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About the Author

A proof of concept for an entirely new sub-genre of fantasy that blends magic and science, Onstad Mythology: World of Legends is a compilation of high fantasy short stories based on ancient myths, reimagined to accommodate our modern scientific knowledge and technology.
Showcasing a level of awe and whimsy that’s virtually nonexistent in mainstream fantasy, Tim Onstad’s stories contain messages of optimism in trying circumstances as well as personal empowerment to solve big problems and overcome hardship.

About the Author

Tim Onstad was an avid volunteer who worked at a local thrift store that recycles e-waste and provides impoverished seniors with meals. He spends his Mondays reading stories at an open mic. Having lived his whole life along the California coast, he spends a lot of time with his extended family.
He enjoys video games, collecting vintage electronics and media, photography, and hiking. He was drawn to creative writing because it allowed him to build confidence in his ideas and test world building concepts in online communities.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 256