Oniaten Book I – The Shallows

By D.N. Wilkinson
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The period is the Revolutionary War, and the setting is a mythical land where the Native Americans’ quest for independence is underway.

In an attempt to take possession of their ancient lands, the Native Americans call upon the ancient spirit. But when a freak accident results in the accidental transfer of the ancient spirit into the body of an American Revolutionary solider, Captain Mitch Garrett, the Native Americans must figure out how to make the captain a partner of the native spirit to accomplish their goals.

In a supernatural world of zombies, vampyres, and other undead creatures, there’s no telling what adventure awaits!

About the Author

D.N. Wilkinson resides in Flat Rock, a rural community outside of metropolitan Detroit, Michigan. He is the father of two girls and grandfather of three.

His colorful career has included everything from selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door in the rural South to owning a pet store to working as a union production painter, prototype mechanic, and engineering technologist to reading tarot cards, where he met his wife.

Wilkinson currently works as a substitute teacher, although his title also extend to that of amateur historian and author.

 The Shallows is his first novel.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 114