One Wild And Precious Life: Reflect, Dream And Create The Life You Were Meant To Live!

By Nancy Dewar M.Ed, PCC
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One Wild and Precious Life provides you with tools and stories to help you reflect on how to create your most meaningful life. Using an executive coaching approach to help the reader understand their strengths, passions and their unique power, and then building a plan to create a life from who you are. This book provides personal experiences from Nancy Dewar’s own career and incorporates how organizational culture and leadership can impact your happiness. People want to have a meaningful and fulfilling life and career, and this book can help you to reflect, dream and create that for yourself using simple techniques. Nancy’s hope is that readers are able to use the tools to better understand themselves and then to create the necessary actions to make a change and live their best wild and precious life.

About the Author

Nancy Dewar M.Ed, PCC is a Certified Executive Coach, with a Masters of Education in Adult Learning, and a Certified Sales Professional. She is a Partner at Lighthouse Nine Group a management consulting firm that does executive coaching and leadership development. With a background in coaching, global facilitation, marketing and business development Nancy has a wealth of experience to draw from when working with others. Nancy is regularly asked to do key note speeches on mindset, resilience, mindfulness, and motivation. Nancy runs inspirational leadership events and is a mentor for women in leadership. She has evolved her career and her goal is to share her experiences, in hopes it will inspire and help others to create a life they are proud of. We only have one Wild and Precious Life!

Published: 2021
Page Count: 102