One Of Many

By R. J. Musser
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Following trauma, the recovery can be long and difficult. Reading material from a survivor like R. J. Musser is beneficial in many ways.

We are not alone and his piece, One of Many: A Posttraumatic Journey, is intended to lightheartedly offer encouragement and awareness to instill confidence and hope in oneself to root and to rise. In addition, others can read about another similar experience as their loved one is with them. This is a constructive opportunity to raise awareness of the seriousness during and following a lifechanging event.

About the Author

R. J. Musser is a T.B.I. survivor of many in Utah who attends support groups, therapy, psychiatric medicine, and other disorders such as epilepsy following brain injury and reconstructive surgeries, etc. He has used techniques many share in this writing to raise mindfulness and overall wellbeing in unique situations. Before this, he was well known as a leader, coach, mentor, artist, and intellectual educationist. He considers all victims and their loved ones FAMILY as well as his own. His hopes and dreams before the injury and now after have always been to share his knowledge with all those willing to listen and learn.

Published: 2022
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