One Man, Two Lives

By Luke
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Follow the exciting life journey of Luke as he encounters sickness, war, and death and overcomes these struggles to become a stronger and wiser man. Diagnosed with heart problems as a young child, Luke feels the presence of a guardian angel during a near-death experience. After this he knows he has the strength to overcome any obstacle life places in his path.

Luke joins the army and goes off to fight in the Korean War as a young man. He comes back from this experience with a renewed urge to fulfill his purpose in life. After a couple of unsuccessful marriages, Luke finally meets the woman of his dreams, and they create a family together. Through his journey of self-discovery, he explores multiple career paths and visits many fascinating places across the country. But he always returns home because he knows that although a man can take many different paths in life, if he is true to himself the road will always lead him back where he belongs.

About the Author

Luke is a native of Spokane, Washington, who now resides in Evansville, Indiana. He received a nursing degree from Spokane College and is a retired employee of Eastern State Hospital.

In his free time, Luke enjoys hunting, fishing, art, and writing. He wrote this book while thinking about his past and certain changes he wants to make in his life.

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Published: 2009
Page Count: 76