One Funeral, One Life, One Afternoon

By J.E. Ernst
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One Funeral, One Life, One Afternoon

As Jenkins sits in attendance at the funeral, his memory is prompted by the sights of his friends and family around him. There is Larissa, his wife; Joe and Megan, his son and daughter; and Jason, his best friend from childhood. Seeing these people spurs colorful memories of growing up from a young boy into a successful man and beloved father. In this coming-of-age story that uses a funeral as a backdrop, J. E. Ernst examines how little moments can add up to shape a persons life. After all, what is a funeral if not a celebration of life?

About the Author:

J. E. Ernst was born in New York and grew up in Austria. He studied at the Open University and has done volunteer work and internships in Kenya. J. E. Ernst completed this book while in his early twenties.

Published: 2014
Page Count: 52