Once In The Town Of Glad

By Linda A. Shaffer, M.A.
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Once in the Town of Glad

In the town of Glad, nobody ever smiles. Nobody except little Melinda Sartie. Melinda discovers the secret behind the towns frowns and helps everyone in Glad finally find their smiles.

Once in the Town of Glad teaches young children that no one can feel truly happy unless they let themselves feel all feelings, including sad feelings. Society still frequently teaches children that it is brave to hold back tears - but its much braver to let the tears out. Feeling our feelings, even crying, is part of how we all heal and grow.

About the Author

In the mid-1970s, Linda A. Shaffer, M.A. moved with her husband, young son, and dog from the metropolitan Midwest to a little logging town of two thousand people in western Montana. While there, Shaffer worked to open doorways in education and outdoor recreation, wrote feature stories, and did photography for the weekly newspaper. She now works with families and at-risk adolescents and young adults seeking therapeutic resources, oftentimes in counseling oriented boarding school and wilderness program environments.

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Published: 2017
Page Count: 36