On The Trails Of My Destiny

By Darius Morgan
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On the Trails of My Destiny tells the story of Darius Morgan and how he got started in South America. The author had the vision to open tourism in Bolivia and he worked tirelessly against all odds and had unexpected adventures. Though a gypsy once predicted he would be a popular man in many countries, no one could have foreseen the connections he would make in the process of launching his company and tourism in Bolivia. As if climbing the bleachers of fate, On the Trails of My Destiny details the journey of the man who made his dreams a reality.

About the Author

After his arrival from Europe, Darius Morgan worked in mining business in Bolivia, installed industrial equipment and constructed power plants, sometime supervising. He speaks Romanian, French, English, Italian, German and Spanish. He enjoys every moment of his time on earth and of seeking what is hidden beyond the horizons. After living a long time among the mountains, he finally realized his dream of living in the jungle. Darius and his wife have two children, both continuing his work and five adorable grandchildren.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 212