On The Road To Success (With Self Analysis Exercises)

By Eunice Elizabeth Nash
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On the Road to Success (With Self Analysis Exercises)

Eunice Elizabeth Nashs On the Road to Success was written to inspire and impart a message of hope for those struggling to find and maintain success. Nash believes everyone can achieve the success they dream of, no matter how humble their beginnings.

She wrote On the Road to Success to give readers the direction they need for their journey on the road to success.

When we travel on a vacation, in order to reach our destination successfully, we must bring along certain important items. The same applies when we are traveling on the road to success. Certain items are necessary to develop your essential skills and to maintain success, Nash writes.

About the Author

Eunice Elizabeth Nash grew up in the Deep South. A minority of little means, she faced many obstacles on her road to success. She decided to pursue a career in education, and her hard work and determination resulted in a distinguished career as an educator, counselor, and administrator in California.

Realizing many people face similar challenges, she decided to write this book to share her experience and wisdom.

Published: 2010
Page Count: 52