On The Road Again...Makin' Christmas At Holmeses: A Travel Memoir

By Dan Armstrong
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On the Road Again... Makin' Christmas at Holmeses is a memoir of Dan Armstrong’s travel adventures while designing, developing and buying mainly Christmas décor for D.H. Holmes Co., Ltd., a New Orleans - based department store chain. It is a time piece dating 1979-1986, as well as including an epilogue of his later personal travel adventures. There are loads of laughable moments and fun quips that Armstrong has learned along the way from travelling with eccentric companions.

Included is how Christmas Ornaments are initially conceived as concepts, and how those concepts are communicated to manufacturers. It is such a thrill to see the finished product that was once only a thought in someone’s mind.

This book was a project commenced and completed during the pandemic and is a result of Armstrong’s quarantine during COVID-19.

About the Author

Dan Armstrong is a retired, well-traveled man in his 80’s, always looking for his next adventure. His travel history includes three around-the-world trips; he notes his trip flying non-stop from London to Osaka, Japan as the thrill of a lifetime. With many repeat visits to many countries, he has traveled to 69 countries, and is always wanting to get back on the road again.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 258