On Self-Esteem And Anxiety Struggles: Therapy Book For Children And Adults: Book Three

By Alla Kurudimova, LMFT
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About the Author

I have worked with adults for my whole life, but for a period of two years, I decided to work for an agency that focused sole on children and adolescents. After being exposed to the world of child and adolescent psychotherapy, I realized there is a noticeable lack of appropriate interventions for the treatment of children and adolescents aged seven and above. As a result of the realization, I began to develop a new series of interventions. Those two years proved to be a period where I would purposefully step out of my comfort zone and expose myself to a kind of work that I knew to be no particular strength of mine. After developing interventions, I decided to share them with other mental health providers by publishing them as books which, while initially written for children, received a surprising degree of interest from caregivers and parents who started to request these books for their own use.

That made me realize, that these materials were appropriate for both children and adults. That is how the series entitled “Therapy Books for Children and Adults” first came to life.

I hope you find hope and healing for yourself and your clients as you read through them. In the future, I plan to start classes for mental health providers where they can be thoroughly coached to further their understanding of interventions published in the series.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 32