On Finding Solutions For Human Problems

By Not Famous
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Sure, the human race has problems, but what are the solutions? In this volume, author Not Famous, a psychologist with a passion for literature, takes us on an expedition to discover the flaws of being a human being in a collection of often satirical essays. On this journey, we explore such topics as "How to Balance the Budget and Avoid Building More Prisons," "It Is Normal to Be Insane," and the most practical, "How to Get Paid for Being Stupid," but please note "Not All Dummies Are the Same." And knowing no fear, she brazenly addresses some of her pieces as letters to Bill and Hillary Clinton. In addition to the satire, Not Famous takes a more serious tone in an effort to explore and demonstrate that not all things are necessarily solvable for every type and kind of person. And that fact, too, can be the beginning of a solution.

About the Author

With masters degrees in both psychology and literature, Not Famous is a native New Yorker who now lives in Florida, where she works as a psychologist, both in hospital and private practice. An art collector, her interests also include human beings, nature, organic foods, literature, science, and evolution.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 66