By Sabina Bucceri
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About the Book

Omission is the story of a married couple who rekindle their relationship after being confronted with a family emergency. Samantha and Ted are separated, and they are about to embark on one of lifes journeys that each of us has experienced when the unexpected knocks at our door. Sabina L. Bucceri delves into the metaphysical realm in this story about the difficulties experienced by families in contemporary society. A family crisis can either make or break a marriage, and in a series of mystical experiences, Samantha discovers that the present is best explained by looking to the past.

About the Author

Sabina L. Bucceri studied art at Art and Design High School and Parsons. She continued at The New School/Lang College and earned a BFA. Sabina worked in advertising for several years as an art director and graphic designer/illustrator. She has been married for twenty-five years and is the mother of three children. Sabina presently resides in Long Island, New York, and had been involved during the past years as a volunteer parent for school plays, school fairs, and school trips for the local elementary school. Sabinas interests include writing, drawing, designing, and painting. Omission is her first published book.

Published: 2005
Page Count: 42