Old Oak Tree Inspiration

By Carol A. Holmgren
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When she was a teenager, Carol Holmgren would go out to an old oak tree behind her shabby farm when she needed time to herself. Taking along a pencil and paper, she created poetry or just sat and meditated. The tree was her place of solitude and serenity.

Old Oak Tree Inspiration was created from those musings. Enjoy this collection of poems, haikus, and limericks that will perhaps remind you of a simpler time in your life.

About the Author

Carol A. Holmgren married right out of high school and had two sons within the first two years of marriage. She did in-home childcare so she could stay home with her sons. She remained doing childcare for 42 years.

Carol loves to read and write. Her hobbies include gardening and golf and watching sports with her husband. She has no biological grandchildren, but many of the parents she did daycare for became like family to them. The children remain in their lives and are like grandchildren to them.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 78