Oh Crap, My Parents Are Old

By MaryBeth Smith
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We all have, or will have, aging parents. But not all of us may know what to do when it happens. This book is a light-hearted and informative guide to helping care for aging parents. A quick, relatable read with some great resources and advice from someone who’s been-there-done-that, not a daunting professional. Hopefully by the end of this book, readers will know that they are not alone in this stage of life.

About the Author

MaryBeth Smith was born and raised in Oklahoma. She spent 16 years working in the office of a national Financial Service company, writing a training manual for their nationwide staff during that time. She and her husband, Bill, have started and owned several businesses, and she was also a guest lecturer at a state university for landscape architecture students. She has sat on numerous local and state church boards, and she was active in the Central Oklahoma Homebuilders Association as well as the Women’s Council, the latter of which she was the president. She has two daughters and five grandchildren, plus a cat, thirty-five chickens, and five roosters.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 90