Of Life, Flight, And God

By Thomas J. Langston
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From flying fighting missions over Vietnam, to discovering the intricacies of family life Thomas J. Langstons poetry uncovers truth circumscribed in knowing peace and war, despair and failure, love and success. Of Life, Flight, and God is a collection of poems written through the spiritual exploration of the learning years, marriage years, childbirth and parenting years, and the present. This book offers the authors quest for the mystery of God in actions, words, and accomplishments. The theme of flight takes the reader on a journey of faith and understanding. Summed up best in Mr. Langstons own verse, And on the wings of life that is there I find myself when I take the air. The Eucharist and Conversion is a daily process when centered in Jesus Christ. Therewith, this journey of life is shared, even for a combat pilot undergoing a baptism of fire by acknowledged needs and the grace of God. These needs are provided daily, especially for those who must find faith in God against adversity. For all these reasons, this book represents a lifetime of writing.

About the Author

A retired U.S. Navy pilot who served honorably and earned his Wings and actively fought in the Vietnam War, Thomas J. Langston is a longtime resident of Tennessee where he worked for the City of Memphis Airport. He is currently active in many professional and church organizations. Mr. Langston holds a masters degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Memphis. A native New Yorker, he currently lives with his wife in Cordova, Tennessee, and has tow sons.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 80