October Dream

By Anastasiia Podhorna
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Dreams are really something special inherent in any living being. People, for example. The line is erased, leaving only thoughts and riddles related to the question: is everything seen true?

Why dreams? The minds of people in pain and internal struggle are filled with so many conflicting thoughts that they often don't know what the truth is anymore. What if even the most eerie things are true? Are they becoming more common? Those dreams are based on people's experiences, struggles, and thoughts. But who knows if they are only in our minds, maybe they have always been here…

About the Author

A novice author, Anastasiia Podhorna illustrates in her art the fine line between the worlds, the present, and the mysticism of the preternatural existence. The reality she observes is as if she were on a bridge, broadcasting on paper. In her narratives, humanity is eroded and shattered by stones, transforming into an entirely different entity. And the truth that she truly observes is given to creativity and the desire to share it with the world.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 54