Oceans Of Sorrow

By Debra Marvel
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Everlasting love, eternally existing within our souls.

Love so strong it can unwind the minds of men,

Stronger than death, more powerful than hate,

Totally, wonderfully always a part of me.

Debra Marvel lost her husband, the love of her life, at twenty-one. Oceans of Sorrow is her mediation on grief and loneliness as a young widow.

Death is not final for those who love. Because love still exists after death, therefore life exists after death. We only grieve so because we must wait to join those we love.

She captures the struggle of love – the delicate balance of remembering a loved one while avoiding places and objects that are still too painful to face. While words and memories will never replace a presence, writing can be both a release and a comfort. Oceans of Sorrow will remind those who suffer that they are not alone.

I love you beyond words, beyond thoughts, beyond actions.

About the Authors

In ten years, Debra Marvel lost her husband, brother, and mother. Her poems reflect her honest view of grief, mourning, anger, and self-realization.

Debra was a teacher for 38 years. She currently volunteers at schools and public libraries. She supports hospice programs, Greenpeace, ocean and land conservancy programs, Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey programs, and veterans associations. Debra loves to walk by the ocean, read, and pet cats.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 30