Occupational Hazard

By Rosh
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As she begins her new job as a staff nurse at a community hospital, Carly believes, I’m not interested in fooling around with any young doctors. I’m here to start my career and no one is going to distract me. Then Dr. Addison crosses her path and they take notice of each other, the attraction instant despite Carly’s resistance. To further complicate matters, one of their patients is murdered and Carly and Addison are suddenly in the sights of a criminal conspiracy out to silence them. Occupational Hazard is the first in a series of romantic, sometimes naughty, medical dramas from first-time author Rosh.

About the Author

Rosh came to Florida to retire, but instead, continues to concentrate on legal nurse consulting and still puts in 8–10 hours a day. She also volunteers to feed and clothe the homeless in her community. She enjoys reading and relaxing on the beach with her husband of forty-four years. The author has two grown children. Her daughter lives in Colorado and her son in Florida. Both are very artistic, taking after their father, who is an architect and artist. Rosh has been an RN in active practice for forty-six years, with a concentration in the critical care areas as both a director of nursing and administrator. Writing this book has given her a release from the stress of dealing with life and death issues. Rosh plans to continue writing more books that deal with the medical arena, mixed with suspense and a hint of erotica thrown in for good measure!

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Published: 2021
Page Count: 90