Nuts & Bolts Of Rodent Control & Bugs & Other Stuff: Volume II

By Lyle L. Townsend
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A master pest control technician, Lyle L. Townsend wrote this manual to share techniques he has developed over the last fifty-four years. Since Townsend knows pest control is not just about extermination, he details methods of deterring and controlling pests as well as eliminating them. With a helpful guide to dozens of the most common pests, you will learn to distinguish the different signs of infestation to confidently tackle the specific issue at hand.

About the Author

Because his father was in the pest control business, Lyle L. Townsend learned the tricks of the trade from a young age. With that strong foundation, Townsend has been in the pest control business since 1967, and he owns his own pest control business.

Throughout his career, Townsend has invented various tools for pest controllers, and he holds several patents on inventions that are still in the marketplace. Now seventy-five years old, Townsend still has not tired of working in this field, and he continues to travel to lecture his knowledge to other companies through their state associations.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 86