Nuk's World

By Gary L. Wood
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Nuk’s World is a science fiction adventure in which a special young woman’s accident causes her to recall unusual, multi-generational memories which spark the formation of a highly confidential study. A team of scientists try to make sense of it all as her memories of people both past and current begins teaching them about human nature and how it has changed over time. Based on current leading-edge genetic and DNA science, Nuk’s World will have readers questioning their own pasts.

About the Author

Now retired for ten years, Gary L. Wood’s career spanned thirty-three years working for Kodak Canada Inc in Toronto. Trained as a Systems Design Engineer, he performed a variety of different roles in that time which provided a broad appreciation about how business works. He specialized in leading groups to achieve their business and personal goals.

Proud father of two grown sons, Wood now lives near Aylmer, Ontario, with his wife Lynne. Besides writing he now has time to indulge in his passion for race car driving and can be found at road racing tracks across eastern North America as often as possible.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 268