Now You Have It

By Zena Livingston
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Now You Have It centers around a woman whose goals are financial security and social position. Donna starts out a teenage single mother who meets her guardian angel, Craig. Her life’s journey takes her from a basement apartment in Freeport to a home in Brookville, an upscale community, and finally back to Freeport. The challenges she encounters along the way include relationships, financial challenges, health issues, and challenges with her children make for an interesting read. All along her life’s road, Craig is there to bail her out while never giving her what she really wants; a relationship with him. There is an underlying message in this book which keeps the reader interested.

About the Author

Zena Livingston is a product of the City College of New York, where she earned a degree in English. She taught English in the south Bronx and on Long Island before beginning work with her husband, Leon, in his podiatry practice. She still helps with the practice to this day and has the privilege of also working with her son, Douglas.

Now You Have It is Zena’s third novel, a follow up to The Money God and Psychotic Skank. She draws on a lifetime of experiences as a wife, mother, proud grandmother, practice administrator, humanitarian, and entrepreneur in her writing. She uses these experiences to create characters and stories that draw the reader in and create books that no one can put down.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 260