Novel In Philosophy The Lost Dimension - Eman And Yaqdhan Discover The Transcendental Wisdom: A Philosophical Journey In Omam

By Al-Lawaty M. Redha
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Al-Lawaty; M. Redha; Translated

Will Emans questions remain unanswered? Or can a master of Islamic philosophy help her find answers to the most pressing questions about God and the nature of existence?

The Lost Dimension is the authors response to Jostein Gaarders 1994 book Sophies World: A Novel about the History of Philosophy. Through dialogue between a teacher and his young students, the author reviews Arabic philosophers solutions to intricate and sophisticated problems that Western thinkers had been unable to solve.

Join budding philosophers Eman and her brother Yaqdhan as they delve into Mulla Sadras Transcendent Theosophy, Alpharabius and Avicennas proofs for the existence of God, and other thought-provoking subjects, and discover The Lost Dimension of Sophies World.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 194