Nothing Concealed: Veiled Secrecy Will Be Brought To Light

By Jarrod Houston
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When he was ten years old, Jarrod stood atop a bridge tug-of-warring with thoughts of jumping—years of sexual abuse and other generational curses had plagued him long enough. Nothing Concealed is an autobiography cataloging the trials and tribulations during the early years of Jarrod Houston’s life. The compelling, descriptive narrative is a coming-of-age story that meets a self-help book, offering a fresh prospective on the acceptance of trauma. Despite sexual abuse, domestic violence, suicide, Jarrod’s story is told through the lens of a child who miraculously maintains his sense of wonder through it all.

With his three children and loving wife, Laura, to his daily coaching job, Jarrod Houston is bold, unapologetically authentic, and driven to make a mark on the world. He speaks directly from his heart and strives to be transparent about the struggles he faces. Through his memoir, Houston hopes to reach a larger audience to instill hope in the hearts of those who have endured trauma and allow all to take a moment of self-reflection. Houston believes everyone’s story matters and hopes to ignite a fire within the readers to share theirs. Adversity is inevitable, but Houston is living proof that life can—and will—carry on.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 154