Nothing But Fairways And Greens, My Friend

By Todd Marshall
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“Do the best you can, adding that extra 10%, and if it is not satisfactory they will let you know.”

This was Todd Marshall’s father’s philosophy and throughout his life, Todd followed it to a tee. He worked a variety of jobs—on and off the golf course—fell in love, and had a beautiful daughter. Nothing but Fairways and Greens, My Friend is his autobiography that tells the story of his life from childhood to adulthood.

His book is insightful, amusing, and heartbreaking, accounting his experiences in vivid detail.

About the Author

Over the years, Todd Marshall cultivated his love of golf and the Boston Red Sox. He had the chance to work at Lancaster South Carolina Golf Club and Three Pines Golf Club. Not long after beginning work at Three Pines he met his wife and they were married in April 2000. They had their only daughter the next year on October 6, the day after Todd’s birthday. As his daughter grew older, one of Todd’s favorite things to do was to take her to Boston Red Sox Games.

Todd was diagnosed with bulbar ALS in 2011 and sadly passed away in 2014. His loving wife, Debbie, and daughter, Corrine, publish his autobiography in his memory.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 42