Nostalgia & A Daydream

By Rhonda K. Fitzsimmons (r.k.f.)
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Nostalgia: A Daydream

Nostalgia: A Daydream is a collection of eloquent poems written by Rhonda K. Fitzsimmons (r.k.f.). Rhonda writes from a “space between nostalgia and a daydream” with the intent to connect individuals and cultures through the timeless language of poetry.

About the Author

Outside of writing Rhonda K. Fitzsimmons (r.k.f.) has worked in the non profit setting for over a decade helping to support refugees, displaced families, and children in foster care. She has witnessed many emotions from those whom she has encountered through her work over the years that transcends into her poetry. Her words come from a personal place yet they express the longing, understanding, seeking, hoping, loving, and losing we all experience as humans.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 132