Nora's Ark

By Linda Monilaws
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Noras Ark

During the Bush administration, the United States cultivated an attitude of arrogance, which led to ill-advised policies and tarnished the country for future generations. The next president offers a message of hope and rebirth, but she is silenced by an assassin. Chaos becomes the rule, and our nation falls into crime-fueled ruin.

Amidst the anarchy, a young woman named Nora has a plan. She works to subvert the system, to empower the women of the world, and to ensure a future for the human race. She has a secret past that both inspires and endangers her. When she meets David Gibbs, the son of a prominent Congressman, she is ready to put her plan into action.

Join Nora, David, and the rest of their companions on a journey to create the future we hope to leave for our children. Weaving themes of history and feminism, Linda Monilaws creates a thought-provoking story for our timesa warning for what may lie ahead, and hope that in each of us lies the ability to turn the tide.

About the Author

A resident of Boulder City, Nevada, Linda Monilaws aka Henry is a retired member of the Southern California Business Communicators and WGA West and was Senior Writer for Muscle & Fitness. Her hobbies include politics, travel, and ethnic cooking.

Published: 2010
Page Count: 194