Nora And Me

By Ron Wood
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This is the true story of the special friendship between a boy and a woman eighty-four years his senior.

Nora and Me follows the two from the first moment they meet, when a four-year-old Ron spies eighty-eight-year-old Nora smoking cigarettes on her porch in the Santa Barbara sun. Over the next fifteen years, until Nora’s death, their friendship develops and deepens. Through injury and sickness, through the ups and downs of childhood and old age, Ron and Nora learn from one another, take care of one another, and love one another, building a “true friendship” as unique as it is heartwarming.

About the Author

Ron Wood is a first-time author. He was born and raised in Southern California.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 108

Customer Reviews

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Nora and me

thank you ron for writing such a sweet, loving book and for allowing us to share in your magical friendship between you and Nora.

Carol VV
Engaging & Heartwarming

Endearing story of a relationship between a young boy and an elderly woman that warms your heart. I could not put the book down and will read it again! Hope it becomes a movie.

Touching and engaging

I read, and then again Nora and Me.
A sweet child's relationship with an elderly woman is tenderly revealed though anecdotes during a sweeter, quieter time in Southern California.
I believe I will read again.

Dennis Peterson

A touching story of the friendship between a young boy and an elderly lady. Each taught the other much about life.

Touching Story

Very heart warming story. So Sad that there is so much bullying of both the young and old. It makes you realize how life can be so hard. Just take a moment and see the good in someone. I enjoyed reading the friendship of a little boy that grew year by year.