Nooks And Grannies

By Sandy Anderson
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There are lots of kinds of grannies. Sometimes my granny is a baking granny, or a walking granny, or a shopping granny. Best of all, my granny is a reading granny. Granny likes to find quiet, cozy little places to read stories to me. She calls those places book nooks. My granny can find "the best nooks you ever saw!"

About the Author

Sandy Anderson was a fortunate child whose parents loved to read. Every two weeks, they took her to the public library where they all checked out books. Later, she held a children's story hour in the same library. She became an elementary school teacher in Arizona.

After raising her two sons in California, Anderson worked with special education high school students. Now she lives again in Arizona where she is still reading and writing.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 32