Noble Causes

By   Don C. Burns
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About the Book

This is a Civil War tale of a young man who deserted the South and fought for the North.

Don Burns tells the story of his great-great Uncle Ransom, born in the South, raised and educated by school, church and people with whom he fundamentally disagreed.

This is Ransom’s story as he struggled to come to terms with a country and family divided, and all the fears, indignation and even hatred stoked by a desire to preserve an antebellum way of life versus a nation’s growing plea to end slavery.

About the Author

Don Burns is a former District Attorney and District Judge. He retired in 2015, after serving thirty-six years.

Don lives in the rural South and has been married for fifty-four years. He enjoys spending time outdoors and traveling.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 276