No Time For Glory

By D.M. Foy
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This in hope of preserving from decay the remembrance of what men have done;

Of preventing great and wonderful actions from losing their meed of glory;

And withal to put on record what were their grounds of feud.

Herodotus.... 440 BC

This is an incredible story of a once obscure social welfare worker’s rise form a deathbed and subsequent catapult into a position of worldwide power and influence. Harry Hopkins was an improbable hero living on borrowed time at the epicenter of world chaos during World War II. By means of exceptional cunning. sustenance, valor, and patriotism, his achievements and services alter the course of history during the mid-twentieth century. His noble quest for the plight of the poor, the weak, and the hungry are surpassed only by a passion to defeat the tyrannical... daring to live only to die for altruistic causes of country and humanity.

These events of intrigue mined from archives of faded footnotes, when mended in chronological order and held to the light of a new era reveals the tribulations of a forsaken legend... No Time for Glory.

About the Author

D.M. Foy was born and bred on Chicago’s southside during the Depression years. A typical youth he was educated, enlightened, employed, and like many of the era, prematurely aged by the incertitude of the encroaching World War II. This was a time replete with historical subterfuge. The influence of a Manhattan social welfare worker of the times grew from mere curiosity into an obsession to unravel the mystique of the shadowy Harry Hopkins. The mystery and drama are unveiled in his first book... No Time for Glory.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 158