No Longer Grandma's Cookie Jars: My Incomplete Collection Of My Cookie Jars With Subchapter Of Andy Warhol’S Look-Alike Collection Sold In Sotheby’S Auction House In April Of 1988

By Edward W. Magerkurth The Cookiejarhound
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Edward W. Magerkurth started collecting cookie jars in May of 1996. When he started collecting, his goal was to have 2,000 by the year 2000.

Realizing he was not alone in his passion, Edward has met many other cookie jar collectors at antique shops, resale stores, and garage sales. He wanted to keep a record as his collection grew.

Enjoy his collection of jars from many different categories!

About the Author

Edward W. Magerkurth married his wife, Donna, in December of 1988. They have two great children – Kristen and Eddie.

Published: 2021
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