No Boundaries

By James Hadley
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Filled with practical business advice for salespeople, managers and owners, Jim Hadley’s memoir reminds us that our best partner in life is Jesus Christ. Jim was a “poor boy”” who made good. After a violent and impoverishes childhood, Jim served in the US Army and worked many different jobs to support his family, and always striving for excellence. At the age of thirty, Jim found a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and the boundaries began to fall away! Jim became the top automotive salesman for Jeff Wyler Chevrolet for many years, before having ownership in dealerships and franchises. Then Jim began to share his success and the reason for it! Through mission trips and personal witnessing to prisoners in Indiana and Tennessee, Jim spread word of God’s love, and the message: Your life has no Boundaries. Now, you can enjoy his amazing testimony, and how it can help you overcome the boundaries in your life.

About the Author

Retired businessman Jim Hadley lives with his wife, Charlene, in Hendersonville Tennessee. The Hadleys are blessed with two children and eight grandchildren. Jim stays active in prison ministry and with The Gideons International. He enjoys keeping fit at the gym and on the golf course.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 192